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 North  Euclid  Church of God  3430 North Euclid Avenue, Bay City, MI 48706  (989) 684-9751

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STARTING POINT is the best place to begin.  Through Starting Point you will learn all about how to get the most possible out of your experience at North Euclid !

DEEPER is all about making sure every person at North Euclid knows how to pray and read the Bible. Bible reading and prayer.  Basic stuff right?  We talk about it all the time–-but for lots of people reading the Bible is confusing–where should they start? Which Bible translation should they use? Is there a right or best way to pray?  We’ll cover ALL of those questions and lot’s more in DEEPER!  After you experience deeper you will be able to connect with God and talk to Him (pray) with confidence!

Every October we focus on DEEPER in service.

SHARE - Knowing Jesus as Savior is the greatest thing in the world, right?  We want all of our friends, family and co-workers to know Christ, but HOW do we share our faith with them in a way that doesn’t feel totally forced or awkward?  That is what SHARE is all about!

Share: “The Gospel Changes Everything” (Video)
Share: “A Movement of Gospel Conversations”

TRANSFORM - Do you want to hear one of the most radical, life-transforming truths ever?  Here it is…

TRANSFORM is a 6 week teaching offered every Feb - March  If you’re hungry to grow deeper in your relationship with God–TRANSFORM will show you how to do it!

Starting Point: “Our Mission”
Starting Point: “What We Believe”
Starting Point: “5 Stories Disciples Can Tell” (Audio)
Starting Point “What is the Church?”

Quite Time / Devotional Life
How To Have A Quiet Time With God
God Wants to Talk With You

14 Prayers of the New Testament
Prayer Basics–What The Bible Says
Positive Prayer Makes Strong Relationships
Four Secrets To Answered Prayer
Power In Group Prayer

Bible Reading & Study
How To Study The Bible (Video)
Using biblegateway.com
Can I Trust The Bible (Video)
How Do You Read The Bible

Transform: “Introduction–Commitments”

Transform: “A Jesus Perspective on MONEY” (Audio)

Transform: “Paul’s Approach to TIME Management” (Audio)

The Grow series