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Start a group - 3 easy steps

Step 1 - Invite a friend:  You only need one person to get started–-you spouse or a Christian co-worker would work great!  Just ask them if they would like to meet once a week to encourage one another, pray and study the Bible.  If you want to invite more than one person–that’s great, but you don’t want your group to grow past 10 – 12, when that happens you cease to have a “SMALL” group… you now have a “BIG” group–and the dynamics change a lot.

Step 2 - Pick a time & a place:  The awesome thing about a small group is that it can meet, literally, anywhere!  You can meet in a home, a restaurant, a park, coffee shop–-whatever works for your group.  And of course–you can always use one of the class rooms at church.

Step 3 - Pick a study:  This is very easy.  Here are some possibilities:

1.  Pick a book of the Bible–and go through it a littlle bit at a time.  When you get together, read a paragraph and talk about it.

2.  Use a “Study Guide”.  If you go to christianbook.com and search for “small groups” – you’ll find TONS of awesome resources!

3.  Ask Pastor Brad.  He’ll be more than happy to help you find something that’s right for your group.

NOTE:  If you are ready to take this step–please let Pastor Brad know.  It encourages Brad to hear that God is working, and it helps him to be aware that a new group is starting. May God bless you as you take this powerful step toward growth in Jesus!


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