“Loving people into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ & helping them become mature disciples.”
Grow Starting Point DEEPER SHARE Transform

STARTING POINT is THE best place to begin.  Through STARTING POINT you will learn all about how to get THE MOST possible out of your experience at NEChog!

Bible reading and prayer.  Basic stuff right?  We talk about it all the time–-but for lots of people reading the Bible is confusing–where should they start? Which Bible translation should they use? Is there a right or best way to pray?  We’ll cover ALL of those questions and lot’s more in DEEPER!  After you experience deeper you will be able to connect with God and talk to Him (pray) with confidence!

Knowing Jesus as Savior is the greatest thing in the world, right?  We want all of our friends, family and co-workers to know Christ, but HOW do we share our faith with them in a way that doesn’t feel totally forced or awkward?  THAT is what SHARE is all about!

Do you want to hear one of the most radical, life-transforming truths ever?  Here it is…

GOD owns EVERYTHING.  We own nothing.  We are simply managers (stewards) of the life, time, abilities, etc. God gives us to manage during our time on earth.  HOW we manage these things has a profound impact on three area of our life: 1) Our relationship with God on earth, 2) Our relationships with people on earth, & 3) Our rewards in Heaven!

TRANSFORM is a 6 week teaching offered every Feb.-March.  If you’re hungry to grow deeper in your relationship with God–TRANSFORM will show you how to do it!